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Client Comments

"With Stephanie's help I was able to challenge my thoughts and therefore change my behaviour, bringing freedom from the negativity I had created. I feel so much better, more equal to those around me and more relaxed which allows me to let the positive side of my personality shine through. It was quite a journey. Thank you". M.M

" I felt so bad, I didn"t think anything could help me, but I have found a new confidence in myself and am really thrilled with the changes I have made." J.B.

“ I have learned so much about myself and my family in the last year, I feel much calmer and more forgiving now.”

“ Knowing I needed help with my circumstances and not knowing what to do or where to turn,Stephanie was recommended to me.

There are very few people that have a profound affect on your life, but Stephanie is one of those people.
Not only did she help me, through talking in my absolute time of need, but has transitioned my mindset to a much better place.With the tools she has given me I now approach life in a different manner, I see the world in a different light and I can only say thank you,which really isnt enough.
I read these reviews before I booked my first session, they gave me hope and I hope for those that read this it helps reinforce that belief.
Everybody needs a little guidance and Stephanie is a beacon in the night. “ D.G.

" I was numb and thought I was barely surviving, understanding myself through therapy has made so much difference!!" C.P.

"I didn't really understand how psychotherapy actually works until I began it... and am truly amazed at how much happier I am today than I was." B.D.

" My GP recommended that I give therapy a go, and a year later I feel completely different and free of anxieties I had all my life!" J.H.

" After counselling with Stephanie I feel I've got wings now and I can fly! The best investment I have ever made." M.S.

"Stephanie has enabled me to restore my past and heal my future, something I would never have believed to be possible! Thank You." B.H.

"It works!!." G.J.

"Most of us go through life without realising how much useless baggage we drag around with us.. this is the way to get rid of it for good” A.T.

“ I had seen other people before, but psychotherapy with Stephanie sorted me out! Thank you so much”. O.L.

The house completed last Thursday, and the house is fab and all is well!!! Thank you for being such a huge part in making it happen - I couldn't have done it without you! K.M.

"It became clear at the start of my sessions with Stephanie that I was highly critical of self, terribly anxious and pretty dissatisfied with life.
Through exploration and patience I became, and continue to be very positive about life. It wasn't easy, and it was emotional, but I do now feel like a new person - thank you Stephanie."

Psychotherapist and Counsellor practising in The Wells and Glastonbury area, Somerset.

Psychotherapist and Counsellor in Wells and Glastonbury, Somerset.

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